• Reviewed by: scharkol22  on: //2023
    I wanted to comment discretely, so here it is. I ordered a shrimp curry yesterday for my dinner. I have heard great things, but this was just horrible. Everything tasted so old. The shrimp were not fresh at all. The rice tasted like it was hurry up and use it up. I threw it away and had peanut butter and jelly for dinner. I would appreciate my $12.89 back as I couldn't nor wouldn't eat this days old dinner. Thank you for listening
  • Reviewed by: yanusha234  on: //2021
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  • Reviewed by: orlmagic  on: //2020
    Any chance of picture posted on website of what take order for combination dinner looks like? Thanks
  • Reviewed by: billgbishop  on: //2020
    What the Hell happened to my order?
  • Reviewed by: pascaletrosch  on: //2019
    wanted duck, no duck - ordered singapore Mei fun mild were very hot, donuts were cold and the pork moo shu were so sweet full of sugar that it was just good for desert !
  • Reviewed by: mike  on: //2018
    Would love if each menu item on your site had a description, so we can see (for instance) what "Seafood delight" or "Four Seasons" is.
  • Reviewed by: mainstreettrolley56  on: //2018
    ordered online not only only forgot my order but when I called one and a half hours later tried to blame it on computer even though I had dollar amount I owed and confirmation order was complete. VERY RUDE on phone
  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017
  • Reviewed by: Jenny1ccd  on: 30/10/2016
    If you need of a good Chinese food this is the place to go,I tried all the Chinese food around here .This is the BEST one,Don't Miss Out this one!
  • Reviewed by: Jmatiasjr01  on: 01/10/2016
    This is by far the best Chinese food I've ever had I recommend you come here you've never had good Chinese food unless you've came here so if your craving some good Chinese food this is the place to come to
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